Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together an International body of barber/stylist to share and market information, products and resources for the purpose of financially empowering each member in the hair care industry.

Our products were created to provide barbers & stylists with tools that work to better address their client’s needs & maximize their earning potential.

The legal name of this entity is: Average Barbers Making Above Average Money. (ABMAAM™, Inc.)

Our Goal is to provide accurate information and resources to the licensed and unlicensed barber/stylist so they can take their hair care services/businesses to the next level professionally and financially.

While we do not condone unlicensed barber/stylists we do however understand that they are out there and working. Our goal is to promote licensing and certification in the barber’s/stylist’s respective state and provide the necessary information, training and resources to protect the client and the barber/stylist from any communicable diseases such as HIV (Aids) and Hepatitis B.

To teach and promote professionalism in hair styling, design, product knowledge, marketing and the correct application of barbering tools and implements.

To sell, service, market and promote products and barbering services inhouse so that the proceeds circulate throughout the organization. In other words, to “do business with each other”.

Ultimately, we seek to empower our members with the knowledge and marketing principles to better serve themselves and the communities in which they reside.

Thank you,

Alvin G. Reid, ll (Alsmillions)


Al Reid, better known as Alsmillions is a entrepreneur, master educator, author, motivational speaker and the most viewed barber on YouTube
He has also helped thousands of young men and women reach the next level in the hair industry.
Over the years, Al has owned barbershops in Virginia, Baltimore and South Carolina. He is also a graduate of B-Unique Barber Academy and is now the owner and operator of the Boss Barber Studio in Greenville, SC where he also resides.

With over 27 years of experience as a barber, AI can cut and style men and women with all hair types and textures. With special attention denoted to cleanliness, privacy and professionalism, Al specializes in clean, fades, mohawks and designer hair art. As a specialist in this field, he can do everything from conservative cuts to the latest over-the-top haircuts as well.

Formerly R&B singer, Freddie Jackson’s personal barber and a host of other radio and T.V. personalities.
Visit him at :
The Boss Barber Studio
22 West Antrim Drive
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 412-8686

For Haircuts book me at:
Or call
(864) 247-6747

For seminars and bookings, call (864) 247-6747 or visit me at www.alsmillions.com