Al Reid a.k.a Alsmillions, has touched many lives through his tutorials on YouTube. He recently launched his new book, Anatomy Of A Barber, The Hair Professionals Guide To Success. As a master barber, Al has left no stone unturned this time. The book focuses on grooming barbers and stylists on how to become successful in their line of business. In Anatomy of the barber, Al describes the basics of barbering business and the readers will:

    • Understand what is required to be successful in this field
    • Learn how to brand themselves and build this business from scratch
    • Understand why barbering expertise can be a significant advantage

    Al Reid has established himself as one of the true master educator and celebrity barbers of all time. His incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to makes him one of the most sought after barber in the business today. Besides tutoring and educating young starters, Al boasts a wildly successful career as a motivational speaker and CEO of Average Barbers Making Above Money (ABMAAM Inc)

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