Bump Killer Wholesale


Lock your customers in with Bump Killer Buy Bump Killer wholesale and sell it directly to your clients. They can't find it in the stores so they'll need to come back to you.

1. A 4 oz. bottle of Bump Killer is $7.00 wholesale. You can sell it for 12-15 dollars.

2. A 16 oz. bottle of Bump Killer is $20.00 (By the dozen, $34.99 for 1). You can sell it for 32-35 dollars.

3. You can also purchase the 1/3 oz. roll-on bottles and fill them up and sell them for $5.00 each. Fill them using (1) 16 oz. bottle for $34.99.

4. 1 bottle will fill 48 1/3 oz. roll-on bottles. 48x5.00 = $240.00. You just need 4 packs of bottles and 1 16 oz. bottle of Bump Killer

Bump Killer Wholesale

How To Use Bump Killer
Use a good quality shaving cream or gel (preferably a shaving gel) Use a trimmer, electric shaver or razor to shave. (Avoid going against the grain when shaving with razor) NOTE: If your face is presently sore and you have scabbed over bumps, DO NOT shave with a razor. Lightly use the Andis or Wahl trimmers to remove hair. Use a warm/hot towel upon completion of shave, then apply a cool towel and dry face thoroughly. Take a clean bath cloth/towel or a cotton pad and pour on some Bump Killer lotion in a small 2 finger size area. NOTE: Do not apply with uncovered fingers on hands. Always use a clean cloth or cotton pad. Apply to infected area(s) and everywhere you shaved. Do this at least twice a day or whenever you feel that burning or itching feeling. NOTE: Always wash your face before you apply Bump Killer Do not scratch face with your hands because you may add more germs and cause your infection to spread and get worse. Your razor bumps should begin to dry up and clear in about 1 week. If your face was scabbed over, you should have no pain and see a complete change and improvement. Use on bald heads, the back of the neck, under the neck, everywhere you shave. Ladies can use for bikini lines, waxing, razor burn, electrolysis, etc.

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