How To Draw Good Stylist And Barbers To Your Salon Or Shop

Attracting talented, qualified barbers and stylist has to be one of the biggest problems in the industry, right behind attracting customers. The type of help you acquire can make or break your business. No one person can cut and style everybody, so you’re going to need some good, professional help.

The first thing you must understand and come to grips with is that the kind of help you attract and keep will be for the most part, just like you! If you’re messy, unprofessional and unorganized then the technicians that end up staying with you will be the same way. Notice I didn’t say the technicians that you hire, because once a true professional sees the way you operate your shop or salon, they will either fall in place or move on. Every shop owner must do a self check, adhere to state board standards and clean house of all unsanitary and unprofessional behavior. This allows you to attract the barbers and or stylists with the same ideals and professionalism.

Secondly, make your shop a fun place to work and to be. Select a inviting decor with good music, wireless internet access, a few board games, occasional refreshments and plenty good periodicals to read. The nicer the salon or shop the more customers it will attract and that’s what stylists love to see; CUSTOMERS. Place ads and keep a help wanted sign in the window. You want to always have a stylist or barber to interview. Be sure to keep track of the most talented and roll out the carpet for those with a following. A barber or stylist with a large following can help the entire shop grow, so it’s important that you seek out and acquire those with a large clientele. Create incentives to draw stylist and barbers. Free rent for a week or two, special work accommodations, i.e, larger room, a tv, etc.

Last but not least, make it your business to keep your shop or salon in the news, on a flyer or in somebody’s mouth as much as possible. Use all of the free and inexpensive ways to adverise your business, i.e., discount cards, social networks, Craig’s List, free papers, etc.
It is important that anyone coming to work at your salon knows that you’re all about promoting the business and that you will be constantly looking for ways to generate walk-in traffic to keep the shop healthy and strong.

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